Professional Buy-To-Let Investment Strategies


Create a life on your terms with a property portfolio at massive scale.

REWD Pro is the Master’s degree of 
buy-to-let property investment.

2 Days Advanced Level Training
Step into our shoes at REWD Group for 2 full days of intensive property training where we dive into the exact systems that we have used to grow our portfolio from 0 to over 200 properties in less than 2.5 years
25 + Hours of Pre-recorded Modules
Detailed training modules covering topics such as Mindset, Corporate Structure & Tax, Leverage, Systems & IT, Marketing & Credibility, Power Team and Advanced Sales Training. With unrestricted access for 12 months, you can improve your knowledge and skill set every day.
Over £10K of essential documentation
Massively scaling a property business won’t be possible without the correct legal and compliance documents. From loan agreements to our very own joint venture agreements- we give you everything you need to replicate our business model.
This is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. This is a genuine guide that will give you a high-level understanding of professional property investment with practical strategies you can implement to change your life.
We reveal all on the key elements to building a scalable buy-to-let investment business:
Foundations, Systems, Deals and Finance.

With 2 days of advanced level training at REWD HQ plus more than 25 hours of fully interactive video content; REWD PRO is the one thing you can’t afford NOT to have if you’re serious about investing in property.
With Alex Robertson, Laurie Duncan and Conar Tracey as your personal mentors, your property business can finally reach its full potential.

Those who are successful in property treat it like their paid occupation rather than a past time and the income from their portfolios reflect that. Our portfolio produces over £100,000 per month and is constantly growing.

Course Format.

Day 1: Transformation (Phase 1)
This is the phase in property investment that everyone has to go throw when getting started. This is your apprenticeship. We done it and we’ve grown through it. Our goal is simply to guide you through this phase as quickly and easily as possible. 

- Strategy: We show you how to not only buy property for free…but actually GET PAID to buy property!

- Finance: Learn the many creative ways you can finance your property business- NONE of which involve using your own money.

- Deals: Fully understand what type of deals you should be buying, how to analyse them and where to find them.
Day 2: Serious Growth (Phase 2)
A stage that most property investors don’t even know exists. This is where you will learn how we went from 42 to 124 properties in ONE DEAL! We let you in on the secrets of massive expansion in buy-to-let and how to put it all into action.

- Portfolio Finance: Do you want to save up all your money just to gather a deposit to buy a single BTL property that might pay you an extra few hundred £’s before tax? OR do you want to learn how to finance a multi-unit portfolio producing thousands of £s per month?! - We’ll show you exactly that.

- Portfolio Deals: More properties means more headache, right? Not when you know what you’re doing. We provide our full portfolio analysis system including our fully formatted portfolio deal calculator.

- Synergistic Businesses: There are many, many ways to make money in property. BTL is simply the foundation that will allow you to expand into other areas of business whether property related or not. If you combine your BTL portfolio with other businesses that complement each other- you’re on the path to bigger and better challenges with massive rewards.
To finalise the REWD PRO training days, we invite all attendees out for dinner and drinks to evaluate the course and build on the new relationships formed within the group. At the last few events this has been where the plan has been created, knowledge is turned into action and DEALS ARE DONE.


This is not training for the masses; this is for people who want real results. To provide the highest quality of support to each individual, all training intakes are limited to 10 people.
February 2 and 3
Mar 30 and 31
May Dates to be determined

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our clients say 

About your

REWD GROUP co-founders Laurie Duncan and Alex Robertson have over 3 decades of combined experience in property investment and development.

Laurie has a strong career built on sales and business development, while Alex comes from a finance and accounting background. Both have a wealth of experience in new business start-ups and international project executions.

Head of Group Development, Conar Tracey, completes the team. Conar brings over 10 years of experience in the property industry as a qualified property valuer, having brokered over 1,000 property transactions across the whole of the UK.

Invest in your future by learning from us.


Register your interest for the next training intake and receive a free 30 minute strategy call with a clear action plan tailored to you and your property business.

Our goal is to see you grow from 0 to at least 10 properties inside 12 months and we’re committed to making it happen…as long as you are.
What you will receive:
2 Days of advanced level property investment training.
Over 25 hours of fully interactive video content.
Access to full REWD Essentials - Introduction To Property Investment course.
Full exposure to creative finance solutions to grow your business.
Clear guidance on how to ensure your portfolio is as tax efficient as possible.
REWD PRO Workbook to clearly define your goals for your business and have written accountability.
Information on all the things about the property industry that the Agents don’t want you to know!
Detailed practical skills on how to find investment opportunities and how to ensure you’re buying right with a clear exit plan- No exit = No deal!
Over £10,000 of essential legal and compliance documents that we use in our business every day.
And much, much more - When we say we give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED we really do mean it.



Our REWD PRO event is hosted at our private event space at REWD HQ in Grangemouth. Lunch and refreshments are provided each day as well as a group dinner on Day 3.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Still have questions?
Contact us
Can you buy property with none of your own money?
Yes. We do, every time we buy, and we can show you how you can do the same.
Why should I learn from REWD Group?
We like to let the results do the talking – check out our growth graphs.
Do you offer payment terms?
We’re here to serve – get in touch with us to discuss different ways to pay.
Do you offer remote learning options?
Yes – we offer all courses with a distance learning option. Drop us a message to learn more.
Do you offer live event learning experiences?
Yes – our advanced level courses include live training @ REWD HQ.
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