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Create generational wealth and replace your full-time income using the most trusted asset class in history - real estate.

What is REWD Essentials?

9 Course Modules
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15+ Hours of  carefully curated content
12 Months Access to course material
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In our REWD Essentials online training, we’ll teach you how to harness the power of property investing through 9 key learning modules.

Buy the entire course at a discounted price or purchase the modules individually to learn at your own pace.

Course modules.

Any success must start with change! Changing the way you think about money, wealth and success. This module will open your eyes to entrepreneur mindset.
The essential, base knowledge you need when starting out in property. From explaining why property is the best investment vehicle to explaining the purchasing process, we cover it all.
There are MANY MANY ways to make money in property and in this module we will give you an overview of key strategies. Whether you have cash or not there will be a strategy to get you started in property.
So many courses don’t cover this essential learning. With so many changes in property tax over the last 5 years its critical you understand the fundamental (BEFORE YOU START) or be prepared to hand the tax man a lot of your hard earned cash.
Arguably the most important step within property investing is completing the due diligence to make sure your deal stacks up. This module will walk you through this process and some of the key tools to improve the accuracy of your analysis.
No matter what your financial position you need to learn the skill of attracting finance into your property investment business. This module will show you all the ways you can finance your investments.
This module will teach you how to calculate and evaluate the numbers associated with each of the various property investment strategies. In this module we give live examples of deals that REWD Group has done and the numbers associated.
Why just implement ONE strategy? In this module we cover the power of employing multiple strategies to grow a large and synergistic property investment business.
The heart of REWD Group: Buy to Let at massive scale! Having grown our own BTL portfolio from 0 to over 200 properties in less than 3 years, we will share with you in this module an insight how you can achieve similar results.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our clients say 

  • Rob Rolston
    Rolston Real Estate
    “We've been dipping our toe in the world of buy-to-let but typically that process is slower. The guys today showed how to increase the velocity of that and the systems we need. That was the difference between this and other events I've been to. They showed us how to actually do it and do it quicker.”
  • Paul Kingham
    Kingsmith Property
    “A really, really good foundational course. If you are new to property it would be the ideal course for you. Even though I am reasonably experienced in property already, I still came away with lots of new value. Alex & Laurie are a brilliant combination - they are ying & yang of Laurie's high energy and Alex's analytical mind. It's a great combination!”
  • Angela Thurston
    “I already worked in property but I didn't have my own buy-to-let portfolio. My initial goal was to have 10 properties, but REWD Group have taught me how to achieve MASSIVE scale even quicker!”
  • Kevin Farr
    “It's a great opportunity for anyone who’s looking to get more information on getting started in property at a beginners level. It also provided me with the chance to network with other people who are also looking to get started in property.”
  • David McLellan
    "REWD Essentials is very eye opening and if anyone is entering their property journey (as I was) then I would high recommend it! I’ve also been on the REWD PRO course and it allowed me to get a better understanding of how everything works."

About your

REWD GROUP co-founders Laurie Duncan and Alex Robertson have over 3 decades of combined experience in property investment and development.

Laurie has a strong career built on sales and business development, while Alex comes from a finance and accounting background. Both have a wealth of experience in new business start-ups and international project executions.

Head of Group Development, Conar Tracey, completes the team. Conar brings over 10 years of experience in the property industry as a qualified property valuer, having brokered over 1,000 property transactions across the whole of the UK.

Invest in your future by learning from us.

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Buy the entire course at a discount or purchase the modules individually.
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9 Modules that cover the Essentials to get started in property.
12 months’ access to 15+ hours of training material.
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10% Discount off all other courses
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Free strategy call on completion.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Can you buy property with none of your own money?
Yes. We do, every time we buy, and we can show you how you can do the same.
Why should I learn from REWD Group?
We like to let the results do the talking – check out our growth graphs.
Do you offer payment terms?
We’re here to serve – get in touch with us to discuss different ways to pay.
Do you offer remote learning options?
Yes – we offer all courses with a distance learning option. Drop us a message to learn more.
Do you offer live event learning experiences?
Yes – our advanced level courses include live training @ REWD HQ.
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