Invest in Scotland

Learn how to maximize your returns by investing North of the border.

Increase Your Return

Lower prices in Scotland mean bigger returns for you. We can teach you where to look & how to find deals.

Invest from Anywhere

No need to re-locate or travel North too frequently - we'll show you how to manage your Scottish property investments remotely. 

Accelerate Portfolio Growth

When purchase prices are lower, you can grow your portfolio faster. We'll show you how to scale up. 

Start Here.

REWD Training offers a variety of learning options - choose the one that works for you. 



0-200 Formula - Free

Our Replicable Method of Building an £11million Property Portfolio in only 2.5 Years.


REWD Essentials

Create generational wealth and replace your full-time income using the most trusted asset class in history - real estate.



Create a life on your terms with a property portfolio at massive scale.



Fast-Track to Property Millions

All your property investment questions answered. We'll show you how to start and grow a portfolio of Scottish properties. 

We'll teach you the ESSENTIAL information and the absolute MUST DOs of successful property investing. REAL strategies to help you create REAL WEALTH.


Next Event: 
19 November, 2022
9:00 - 13:00
Edinburgh - Radisson BLU Hotel

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Meet the Team.

Real Estate Wealth Development has a wealth of knowledge in the Scottish property industry, which has allowed us to scale to one of the fastest growing property businesses across the UK.
Laurie Duncan
A strong, motivational leader, with no limits on growth potential, both personally and in business. Constantly challenging “reality”, Laurie thinks differently to most and continually drives REWD Group forward on to new challenging objectives.
Alex Robertson
A systemised analytical killer, qualified accountant and project manager, with a wealth of experience in both domestic and international business start-ups. Alex is the systemiser, developing the businesses to investor / passive level, and moving them into massive growth phase
Conar Tracey
More than Scotland’s number ONE property sourcer – a young, talented and hugely driven deal-making machine. Tasked with the development of REWD Group as a whole, Conar is focussed on massive growth objectives for all areas of the business.
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