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Did you know that when the Sunday Times Rich List surveyed how the richest people made their money, property overshadowed every other industry?

The number of people who found wealth through real estate was so large that it was bigger than the next three industries combined!

Why do you think property creates more millionaires than any other industry? What is so special about real estate that it can help a lot of people to become rich? 

How could you use this knowledge to your advantage and create wealth for you and your family?

That’s what we’re going to answer in this video.

We’re Laurie Duncan and Alex Robertson, and we’re the founders of Real Estate Wealth Development (REWD) Group. After working years in our corporate careers, we decided to start investing in property and create a life on our own terms. 

With the help of Conar Tracey; our Head of Business Development, we went from 0 to 200 properties worth over £11 million, generating over £100,000 per month in passive rental income in just 2.5 years. 

In this video, we’re going to share our story and our replicable strategies that you can use to build wealth and create a new monthly passive income source.

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