Fast-track to Property Millions

By Laurie Duncan, Alex Robertson & Conar Tracey

What Next?

Now that you've finished Fast-Track to Property Millions, you're probably wondering: what's next?

It's time to join our community and take your training to the next level. Fill out the form to join a network of like-minded property professionals.

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Next Steps

The REAL Property Community

Join an exclusive network of property investors. The group features educational content, events, live chats, and daily updates from Laurie, Alex, and Conar. 

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Live Events

Attend our in-person Fast-Track to Property Millions events in Glasgow and Edinburgh. You'll get to network with Laurie, Alex, and Conar, and learn how to take your property portfolio to the next level. 

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If you're ready for a master's degree in property investing, REWD PRO is for you. This is buy-to-let at massive scale. The course features online modules and 2 days of in-person training at REWD HQ.

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