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The question you will be asking yourself right now, is 
 "why should I learn from these guys?”

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Established in 2018 Real Estate Wealth Development has rapidly grown a massive property investment and development business. REWD training was established to support other entrepreneurs replicate our success and build generational wealth through property.

We like to let the results do the talking

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Total asset value
Total monthly rental income
If you’re looking to get ahead in life, stop asking people for advice who have not been where you want to go. Learn from the people who have already achieved your goals, and simply copy what they do. Success leaves clues…

In November 2018, Real Estate Wealth Development Group (REWD Group) was born. Serial entrepreneurs Laurie Duncan and Alex Robertson got together to put a focus on building something MASSIVE. Who wants to be average?
During our time in business together, we have grown REWD Group to ownership of over 200 properties, an asset value of over £11m, and a gross monthly rental income of £100K+. The best part? We created all this with none of our own money.

We’ve been there – think it must be a scam – it can’t be possible! Right? So we understand and can relate to your concerns. We like to answer this point directly by demonstration of our credibility across our various Group websites, Social Media presence and Client testimonials.

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